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Defining the Difference between the Expected & the Exceptional

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Our herd of horses, mules, and burros are like family!

Unique to The Stables is the fact that we breed and raise the majority of our animals ourselves. Like our staff of professional Trail Guides, the string at The Stables is with us for a substantial part of of their career and lifetime.

Our String is divided into various groups by experience & character. We often have anywhere from 6-12 "babies," or young unbroken horses from the ages of birth to 3 or 4 years old. Our youngsters, though halter-broke early in life, are allowed to grow mighty strong before feeling the weight of a rider.

Then we have the "teenagers" or the handful of horses that are in training. These guys and gals (geldings & mares) can be in training anywhere from 1 to 1.5 years, depending upon their character and general manner. At this point only wranglers would ride these "green" steeds.

At times, the Stables will have a mount or two that remain "Wrangle Only" horses, though not very often.

Almost all of our animals will eventually end up in the working string.