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Exceptional Texas Horseback Trail Riding

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Lajitas Stables

Experience the Desert by Horseback overlooking the Rio Grande River in the Big Bend of West Texas!

*Maximum weight limit of 270lbs. or 122.45 Kilos. Minimum riding age is 10 years old.  Refer to Big Bend Stables with younger children.

The Spanish called it Tierra Desconocida (strange, unknown land).  A place of mystery and grandeur where the great Chihuahua Desert meets the Southwest Rocky Mountains. These trails produce spectacular views south into Old Mexico and north into Big Bend Ranch State Park.

The Lajitas Stables hosts Hourly, ½ Day, All Day and Multi-Day horseback rides beginning along the Rio Grande and climbing up onto the Mesa over-looking,...

the historical channel.  Truly the quintessential view of West Texas and the Chihuahua Desert.

Let us lead you through this wild, unique terrain and colorful desert mountains by horseback, mule or burro.  Follow rugged trails once traveled by Big Bend Ranchers, settlers and explorers.  Saddle up at our Stables on private property and ride up and into the newly established Big Bend Ranch State Park.  Multiple Day horseback rides enjoy the charm of outdoor camping and cowboy cooking while retracing pioneer footsteps and exploring Native American archaeological sites.

Lajitas Stables is the best location for experienced riders, but also hosts many novice and vacation riders alike.  

The terrain is vertical at times and almost always rocky.  Our well trained herd handles the trails with finesse and grace. This is where true wilderness frames the skills and talents of the Lajitas staff and mounts, and offers an exceptional horseback experience! 

We are located along FM-170, just 2.5 miles west of the resort town of Lajitas and within the Big Bend Ranch State Park.  

Directions to the Lajitas Stables