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Overnight Trips

overnight horseback Rides

2, 3, & 4 Day Overnight Adventures

Madera Ranch 2 Day - $395, 3 Day $495
Buena Suerte   2 Day - $500, 3 Day $600, 4 Day $725
Park Fees Included. Tax & Gratuities, not included
Sleep Kits (Bag, Pad, liner, small pillow) $30 + tax.

*Choose your destination between the Madera Ranch trip and the Buena Suerte Ghost Town trip (Seasonally). Both are intriguing ventures into history and culture. Either location can fit your family or group needs or you may find one over the other.

When Trail Riding & Fresh Air are your penchant, our Multiple Day Horseback-Camping Ride becomes the perfect balance of equine gratification and outdoor repose. Imagine riding across endless wild horizons where the rhythm of life is set to the cadence of hoof beats.

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