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A Quarter Century of Stables

The formal Stable’s story began in 1986 in Lajitas, Texas, when owner Linda Walker opened one of the first Trail Riding Outfits outside of the Big Bend National Park; the Lajitas Stables. The name came from the historic river crossing and Trading Post of Lajitas, Texas, along the Rio Grande. Developers were creating a new destination for the Big Bend travelers and the Lajitas Stables would offer one of the first recreations to visiting tourists. Linda’s previous experience in ranching and pack trips well equipped her to start up this quarter of a century endeavor that still hosts thousands of visitors each year in Texas and New Mexico.

As the story goes, with the perpetual evolution of the Lajitas Resort, the Lajitas Stables moved 2.5 miles west, along the Rio Grande and scenic Camino Del Rio, retaining the name Lajitas Stables. The Rio Grande Stables came into being around 1990. Linda had been operating pack trips down in to the Rio Grande Gorge even before establishing the Lajitas Stables and it was only natural that the business would quickly take on the form of another (seasonal) trail-riding Stables; a perfect complement to the Texas outfit. About the same time, the Big Bend Stables was founded in Study Butte, Texas, close to the western entrance of Big Bend National Park. This outpost has become the central headquarters for all three Stables, as well as a year-round facility.

Throughout the years, in addition to the daily operations of trail rides and exciting packaged adventures, the talented staff of The Stables have operated multi-day adventures and pack trips throughout the Southwest and Old Mexico, participated in Cattle Drives, Round-Ups, and Cowboying, supported many movie and commercial shoots, conducted search and rescue missions, been the highlight of weddings and parades and have even escorted dear friends to their final resting place.

The diversity of experiences that the Lajitas, Big Bend, and Rio Grande Stables have brought to this last 25 years is a testament for this group’s love of the great outdoors and the world of horses.